BIGgest Ever Home and Hobbies Show of the Year!

This weekend on Good Friday, April 18, is the start of a 10-day mega Home and Hobbies show at Singapore Expo Hall 7, the first ever in Singapore! To be staged by leading Singapore event organiser, Full House Communications, the event which incorporates The BIG Furniture Fair 2014 and the inaugural Singapore Hobbies Expo 2014, will run till Sunday, April 27.

Thousands of home owners, pet lovers and hobbyists are expected to show up at the two exciting events.

The BIG Furniture Fair 2014 with 80 exhibitors displaying top-range local and imported furniture, furnishing products and services, is an annual event well loved by new home owners setting up their dream homes or existing ones intending to recreate their old homes which was launched last year. With two show flats and about 15 interior designing firms among the exhibitors, there is no lack of new and innovative ideas to inspire home owners. Visitors will also get to witness the launch of the world’s first touch sensor recliner sofa bed from Walker Scott available exclusively at Eco Friendly Home Mattress Boutique. In conjunction with the Singapore Hobbies Expo, an exhibitor will also showcase home aquarium tanks complete with corals and reefs and fishes.

The highlight event on the opening day of The BIG Furniture Fair, Top Dog Carnival features more than 60 dogs trained by star dog trainer Patrick Wong. There will be obedience training demos, competitions in various categories and even a dog fashion show! The admission to this event is free and will be held from 12 noon to 8pm on Good Friday, April 18.

Singapore Hobbies Expo 2014 is a new event created especially for Singapore’s pet lovers, hobbyists and collectors. It includes the Singapore International Fish Showwhich runs from April 25 to April 27. Participants with six species of fishes – Koi, Betta, Luohan, Discus, Arowana and Guppy – will show and fight to win in the contest before an international panel of judges.

Some 1,500 fish are expected to join in the contest, some coming from Japan and South Africa as well as countries from South-east Asia, making the event the BIGgest ever held in Singapore since the fish show and championship was first held here 17 years ago. Total value of the fish is expected to be worth a record of more than $3 million, with the more expensive Koi fish from Japan costing more than $100,000 each.

In addition, there is also going to be a display of marine fishes including Clownfish, made popular by the computer-animated film “Finding Nemo”, with the pricier ones costing up to $3,000 each. The exhibition will also include the sale of Koi food, fish farming methods, fish hotel and hospital, water treatment technology for fishes and a Koi auction.

Another highlight at the Hobbies Expo is the Bird Singing Championship to be held at the Singapore Expo for the first time ever on Sunday, April 27, 2014, from 9am to 1pm. The contest, divided into three categories: Jambul, Mata Puteh and Sharma respectively, will see more than 400 birds from the three species competing in one of the largest contests of its kind ever held here. The birds and their exclusive and expensive cages are worth a total of over $600,000.

Besides the bird singing contest, parrot lovers are welcomed to bring their birds to the fair to join a new trend initiated by parrot enthusiasts from Parrots Network. These experts will show you how a parrot can be trained to listen and respond to you, so that you can bring them out for strolls sometimes without worrying they would fly away forever! Training courses are available for sign ups on the spot!

Then there is specialist animal photographer Ernest Goh who will be launching his latest book on hens and cocks at the fair. The internationally renowned artist and a former photo-journalist will also display his prints on other animals he had previously photographed, such as cats and fish, which are for sale too.

The much-awaited Comics Festival is also part of the Hobbies Expo with about 15 Singapore comics artists taking part, showing and selling their original works. In addition, another five artists will be selling their figurines and comics-related memorabilia which are popular among comics lovers. Also, look out for the Thrones High Cafe with cute waitresses in maid costumes as if they have just come out of the comics strips to serve you cakes and coffee!

Another highlight is the Collectors’ Exhibition which will showcase yixing zisha (宜兴紫砂) teapots, silverwares from Europe dating 200 years or older, century-old tea leaves from China and many collectibles including old vinyl records, CDs and even rare collector’s Barbie dolls.

Local gallery Art Xchange will also display paintings of koi by renowned artists such as R. Sumantri MS from Indonesia alongside similar works by Singapore painter Lim Sew Yong in conjunction with Singapore International Fish Show which are for sale.

Admission to The BIG Furniture Fair is free. The fee for the Hobbies Expo is $8 for adults and $3 for children not taller than 1.2 m. No admission fee for the Bird Singing Competition as it is held outdoor outside Hall 7 at Singapore Expo.

For media enquiries and information on any event related to The BIG Furniture Fair and the Singapore Hobbies Expo, please contact Ms Carol Lian at Full House Communications on 68427266 or log on to the event’s official website: